Company History

Since 1981, Flatirons, Inc. has served the Front Range as a premier provider of surveying services. The heritage of Flatirons, Inc. is from the oil and gas industry. We provided many oil well location maps and assisted our clients in the licensing process. As the local slowdown of oil and gas development occurred, Flatirons adapted by evolving into a full service surveying company. Flatirons, Inc. was one of the first surveying companies to use computer-aided drafting in the Front Range area.

We have been using AutoCAD since 1986 and Softdesk (formerly DCA, now AutoDesk) Engineering Software since 1988. Flatirons continues to upgrade software to the most sophisticated available so that we can remain current with available technology. The use of quality products such as AutoCAD allows us to complete projects efficiently and provide information that can be used by other related disciplines with a minimum of data conversion. If data conversion is necessary, we have experienced personnel capable of producing almost any format necessary.


Today, Flatirons, Inc. provides a full range of surveying services to a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sectors. We have field crews proficient in techniques for projects involving preliminary design, boundary determination, construction staking, and other surveying tasks. We have personnel trained in Hazardous Waste Site Safety for projects where environmental issues are a concern. We also have GPS (Global Positioning System) equipment for accurate geographic positions over a wide area. We have Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) equipment and Robotic Total Stations for site conditions where these technologies offer the greatest efficency.


Flatirons, Inc. wants to provide to our clients the highest level of land surveying services available in the Colorado Front Range area. We stay abreast of the new developments within our profession through the adoption of new technology, employee training, and active membership in national and local professional societies. Our staff takes great personal pride in doing each survey project accurately, quickly, and well above any established minimum standards. Flatirons, Inc. wishes to maintain a role of leadership in the surveying profession for the Front Range area.

Our service to you is our highest priority.

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