• Flatirons selected to test cutting edge Trimble TSC7 Controller

    July 31, 2018 | Category: Other

    Flatirons uses Trimble surveying equipment exclusively, and in 2017 Trimble asked us to field test and review prototypes of their latest data controller, the TSC7, and the software, Trimble Access 2018.  Several of the comments provided by our field crews were considered and incorporated into their latest and final design, which is now being marketed worldwide.  This is welcome recognition by Trimble of the quality of our surveying, and another sign of how Flatirons offers our clients the latest technology to deliver what they need with greater efficiency and accuracy, and at lower cost.

    Trimble TSC 7

    The TSC7 in use by Lake of the Pines, north of Boulder, Colorado

  • JB Guyton Presents Prestigious Mathematics Award

    July 13, 2018 | Category: Other

    JB Guyton, PLS of Flatirons Inc. presented an award and scholarship check to Austen Mazenko, winner of the 2018 TrigStar test competition, at a presentation at the Aurora City Hall.  Trig Star is sponsored by the PLSC and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) but administered locally at the school level by the committed math educators.

    Austen is a sophomore at Cherry Creek High School.  He completed the test with a perfect 100% in 11 minutes and 18 seconds, a feat that is difficult for even the most seasoned surveyors. He is interested in learning more about Geomatics and is looking for a real-world profession that will utilize his math abilities to their fullest extent.  Mr. Guyton, who is the Colorado Director for the NSPS, is devoted to encouraging young people with an aptitude for math to consider the surveying profession and attends several outreach events each year.


    (Left to Right) Becky Roland, Austen Mazenko, and JB Guyton at presentation of Trigstar Award.

  • 2018 National Society of Professional Surveyors Student Competition

    March 15, 2018 | Category: Other

    Judges pictured with Jan Fokens, Past President – NSPS, Kim Leavitt – President – NSPS, Paul Burn (NV), Greg Copeland (ME) , JB Guyton (CO), Stephen Gould, NSPS Education Chairman, and Chris Glantz (OR).

    JB Guyton, PLS and CEO of Flatirons, Inc. was honored to serve as a judge in the annual student survey competition at the 2018 National Society of Professional Surveyor’s spring conference.

    PDF – 2018 NSPS Student Competition Results

  • Flatirons Helps Attract New Surveyors to the Profession

    November 8, 2017 | Category: Company News

    Flatirons Inc. has a long tradition of hiring a diverse selection of people, encouraging them to develop their knowledge and skills and to pursue professional licensure. CEO John B. Guyton, as a Director for the National Society of Professional Surveyors, participated in staffing a booth at the annual convention of the American School Counselors Association.

    Trying out the augmented sandbox are, from left, Becky Roland, JB Guyton, Teresa
    Smithson, Brian Dennis and Todd Beers, all from the Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado.

    Educators and counselors from all 50 states gathered at the Denver Convention Center in July, 2017 where the NSPS engaged in discussions about attracting young people interested in math and working outdoors to look into surveying as a profession.

    The augmented reality sandbox, showing projected topographic lines on left, a toy
    truck, and a deep water feature on the right.

    The main attraction to get people’s interest was an “Augmented Reality Sandbox,” built at Idaho State University, which projected topographic elevation lines and water features in piles of white sand. As the counselors moved the mountains of sand, the lines and features reformed before their eyes. That experience, along with the handouts and personal discussions, hopefully made a lasting impression about surveying that will be shared with students across the nation.

  • Flatirons staff helps introduce surveying at the Boy Scout Camporee

    October 19, 2015 | Category: Company News

    PLSC tentIn an effort to introduce land surveying to a new group of young people, the Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado (PLSC) participated in the September, 2015 Boy Scout Council Camporee, held at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch near Elbert, Colorado. Flatirons volunteers included J.B. Guyton, Heather Robinson, Bill Bowen and Brandon Haas. Hands-on equipment demonstrations were provided. The group was able to directly engage over 200 scouts and parents in the discussions and exercises of land surveying.  For the complete description of the day, view here.

  • Flatirons crews in local paper

    May 5, 2015 | Category: Commercial

    Two of the field staff of Flatirons, Inc. were in the local papers recently.  Scott Orlick is shown surveying a greenway in Longmont as part of the City of Longmont’s sewer line repair project that is part of their 2013 flood recovery efforts.  Scott Lyttle is shown walking across the Bohn Farm property,  to be part of the new Bohn Farm Cohousing Community project for the City of Longmont.  Photos appeared in the Longmont Times Call and the Boulder Daily Camera newspapers.

    Scott Orlick cropped photo Daily Camera May 5 2015

    Scott Lyttle - Longmont paper photo 2

  • Engineers Without Borders using
    Donated Survey Gear

    December 22, 2014 | Category: Other

    We received the following report (see earlier blog below):

    Spring source protection system at Katuwal Dhara, Nepal

    Spring source protection system at Katuwal Dhara, Nepal

    The Engineers Without Borders – USA CU Boulder Nepal Program has utilized the survey equipment donated by Flatirons Surveying to create topographical maps of over ten spring sites in the Ilam District. In the summer of 2012, the team built a spring source protection system at Katuwal Dhara, a project that has generated a lot of community support for similar projects in the area. Since that time, the team has focused on designing several different spring source protection systems in other parts of the district. This coming winter 2014, the team will be implementing a project at a small spring source called Patpate Dhara. The team also plans to build at another spring called Karka Dhara in summer 2015. Pictured below is the EWB team during a summer assessment trip in 2013, where the team surveyed several different sites and met with community members to set up the projects at Patpate and Karka Dhara. Students have cited their experiences in EWB as some of the most rewarding work they have completed during their time at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

    As a completely student-run organization, EWB gives students the opportunity to survey the land for project feasibility, and then design, build, and manage their own engineering projects in developing countries all over the world. Thanks for your support of what we do!

  • Flatirons Surveying and Engineering helps with Boulder County flood recovery efforts

    December 11, 2013 | Category: Other

    Flatirons, Inc., Surveying, Engineering & Geomatics is a local small business that has been providing professional services in the Boulder County, Colorado region since 1983. Many of our own employees suffered greatly as a result of the recent flooding.  Seven of our 53 employees faced forced evacuations.  Some are still not back in their homes.  As such, we have a direct interest in helping the rebuilding effort move along as quickly, efficiently, and correctly as possible.

    Ed Bristow photo taken 9/12/13, of “tent city” erected on the hillside in Lyons in order to avoid rising flood waters.

    Ed Bristow photo taken 9/12/13, of “tent city” erected on the hillside in Lyons in order to avoid rising flood waters.

    Our three offices stayed operational during and immediately after the flood event, and we offered our resources, knowledge and local experience regarding flood mitigation and recovery to help with the rebuilding effort.   The Flatirons Team is currently working with Boulder County, the Town of Lyons and the City of Longmont on flood recovery work.  We are providing multiple services for the repair of damaged roads and structures including surveying, hydrologic/hydraulic studies, structure damage analysis, environmental review, design, plan preparation, construction management, and construction observation. Flatirons survey field crews, using the latest in GNSS/RTK with GLONASS capabilities (Trimble R8 and R 10 units), and ground based 3d LiDAR laser scanning, provided the necessary initial land surveying support.  This latest technological equipment allows us to gather the necessary data without putting our personnel in harm’s way.  We can gather otherwise inaccessible data without direct access to the location or structure itself.  This has been extremely helpful where riverbeds are replaced with rubble fields, and homes and upland ground is now the new riverbed.  In some cased, bridges stand in place on a sandbar, some distance from the water. Flatirons’ Engineering Manager, Curt Parker, was formerly an Engineer with Boulder County, in charge of floodplain management, the County bridge inspection program, and development review.  He is a known expert in floodplain regulations and mitigation, and in “green infrastructure design” (also known as “Low Impact Development”).  He has the technical support of our engineering, land surveying, and GIS departments.  In addition to providing the necessary engineering capabilities, Curt often accompanies field crews to make sure the data collected is adequate for the tasks at hand.

    Photo of former McConnell Drive, taken by Ed Bristow, 9/13/13, one block from his home.

    Photo of former McConnell Drive, taken by Ed Bristow, 9/13/13, one block from his home.

    As part of this effort, Flatirons has teamed with several other companies to provide expertise in structural, environmental and other disciplines.  Our team is very familiar with all of the current local, State and Federal policies and procedures that have been put in place with respect to the post-flood recovery effort, including completion of the required FEMA, FHWA, NRCS, and COE forms and documentation necessary for completion of work and future reimbursements. We have extensive working knowledge of the State and Federal environmental and permitting requirements that need to be addressed in order to complete post-flood recovery and repairs. We are proud to be able to provide these professional services to Boulder County, the Town of Lyons, as well as numerous private individuals and homeowners’ associations.

  • Bear visit!

    October 22, 2013 | Category: Other

    It’s the time of year that black bears come into town in Boulder, looking for things to eat before hibernating.

    We were very surprised to see a 120-pound male bear standing at the entrance of Flatirons Surveying this week.  He was not looking to order a survey, but more likely was checking out a small waste can by the door, before running off.  Wildlife officials caught this bear later that day and relocated him back to the wild.  Foxes, deer and the occasional hawk are often spotted just outside our doors.


  • JB Guyton profiled on

    May 23, 2013 | Category: Other

    JB profile on PLSC dot netJohn B. Guyton, PLS, the Chairman and Surveyor of Record for Flatirons, Inc. is profiled on the Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado, Inc. (PLSC) website.  The PLSC is the 600-member organization of professional land surveyors in the state.

    Click on the image to the right for the full article.



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