• Boulder Flood / Floodplain / Floodway / Conveyance Zone Services now available for Boulder area property owners and agents

    February 16, 2012 | Category: Commercial, Residential

    If you own property in Boulder County, you may be all too aware of the myriad changing and evolving floodplain regulations that can have a profound effect on the future use and value of your property.  The rules of the National Flood Insurance Program are often confusing and easily misunderstood.  What local government officials tell you as fact may not necessarily be true or accurate.  Flatirons has experienced Professional staff who can analyze your particular situation and advise you of your rights.

    For a very reasonable fee in most cases, Flatirons can help you determine if your mortgage lender or a government agency is using the most current flood zone determination maps, determine the proper elevation of structures or other improvements that can reduce your flood insurance premiums, or even exempt you from having to purchase such coverage, and can provide guidance on how current restrictions on development or improvements to your own property apply.

    For real estate agents, Flatirons can provide specific floodplain information for your marketed properties, to reduce or eliminate buyer uncertainty over these issues.

    If you are concerned about the impacts of floodplain regulations on your property, and need someone on your side to represent your interests, it would be well worth your time to give Flatirons a no-obligation call, at (303) 443-7001.

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