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December 22, 2014 by admin | Category: Other

We received the following report (see earlier blog below):

Spring source protection system at Katuwal Dhara, Nepal

Spring source protection system at Katuwal Dhara, Nepal

The Engineers Without Borders – USA CU Boulder Nepal Program has utilized the survey equipment donated by Flatirons Surveying to create topographical maps of over ten spring sites in the Ilam District. In the summer of 2012, the team built a spring source protection system at Katuwal Dhara, a project that has generated a lot of community support for similar projects in the area. Since that time, the team has focused on designing several different spring source protection systems in other parts of the district. This coming winter 2014, the team will be implementing a project at a small spring source called Patpate Dhara. The team also plans to build at another spring called Karka Dhara in summer 2015. Pictured below is the EWB team during a summer assessment trip in 2013, where the team surveyed several different sites and met with community members to set up the projects at Patpate and Karka Dhara. Students have cited their experiences in EWB as some of the most rewarding work they have completed during their time at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

As a completely student-run organization, EWB gives students the opportunity to survey the land for project feasibility, and then design, build, and manage their own engineering projects in developing countries all over the world. Thanks for your support of what we do!

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