Flatirons Helps Attract New Surveyors to the Profession

November 8, 2017 by admin | Category: Company News

Flatirons Inc. has a long tradition of hiring a diverse selection of people, encouraging them to develop their knowledge and skills and to pursue professional licensure. CEO John B. Guyton, as a Director for the National Society of Professional Surveyors, participated in staffing a booth at the annual convention of the American School Counselors Association.

Trying out the augmented sandbox are, from left, Becky Roland, JB Guyton, Teresa
Smithson, Brian Dennis and Todd Beers, all from the Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado.

Educators and counselors from all 50 states gathered at the Denver Convention Center in July, 2017 where the NSPS engaged in discussions about attracting young people interested in math and working outdoors to look into surveying as a profession.

The augmented reality sandbox, showing projected topographic lines on left, a toy
truck, and a deep water feature on the right.

The main attraction to get people’s interest was an “Augmented Reality Sandbox,” built at Idaho State University, which projected topographic elevation lines and water features in piles of white sand. As the counselors moved the mountains of sand, the lines and features reformed before their eyes. That experience, along with the handouts and personal discussions, hopefully made a lasting impression about surveying that will be shared with students across the nation.

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