Flatirons Surveying donates survey gear to Engineers Without Borders in Nepal

December 9, 2011 by admin | Category: Other

Flatirons Surveying prides itself on investing in the very latest robotic/GPS survey equipment and software.  While some robotic units can exceed $30,000 each, the gains in efficiency and accuracy are worth the cost.  Consequently, we have older units on hand that are fully functional but obsolete.  These were state of the art devices a decade ago.

The University of Colorado in Boulder has a local chapter of Engineers Without Borders that is very active in conducting engineering projects in rural Nepal.  They asked us for much needed donations of survey equipment, and we were happy to oblige.  This interesting program benefits everyone involved, from the Nepalese residents in need of water and sanitation, to the adventuresome student volunteers, and to our company, with older equipment on hand in need of new owners who can make a real difference in the quality of many lives.

To read more about the Boulder chapter of EWB and their projects, see:


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