Properly located fences make good neighbors

May 4, 2011 by admin | Category: Commercial, Residential

Some of the most common questions we receive concern the location of fences in relation to a property owner’s boundary line, and if a survey is needed.  This concern is justified, not only for a new fence where none stood before, but even for the replacement of an old fence as well.  The risks of getting it wrong are high.  A fence is a relatively permanent “structure” on your property; if your current or future neighbor discovers or suspects that you have encroached, or placed your fence on their property and they obtain a survey to prove it, they can legally force you to remove the fence, which can be a very expensive and disruptive proposition.

So, you will want to be sure of the location of your property lines before construction. Although some public agencies will issue a building permit (if required) upon presentation of an Improvement Location Certificate, it should not be relied upon for the establishment of any permanent structure, as it shows only approximate locations of your property boundaries. The prudent course of action is to locate existing property corners that delineate your property line and have the validity of the monuments verified by a surveyor. If you are not able to find your property corners, a surveyor may be able to find monuments using a magnetic locator and cloth tape. If the surveyor is not able to locate existing monuments, you may need to have a boundary survey performed.  If you are within our Colorado service area, your best bet is to give us a call at (303) 443-7001 to discuss your specific situation and needs, so that you can weigh the costs and benefits.

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