Surveying has ancient origins. Whether it be Egyptian (laying out of the pyramids), early colonial or modern-day, the division of land and marking of boundary corners has been an essential part of society. Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln were all land surveyors. The rectangular system, used in Colorado and other western states, is based on the Public Land Survey System proposed by President Thomas Jefferson. In this system, the land is divided into 6 mile square grids called townships, and further divided into 1 mile square grids called sections. Slight corrections must be made as you head north-south and east-west because of the spherical nature of the earth.

Since the time of Thomas Jefferson, technology has made it possible to get highly accurate data for any point on the earth. Modern land surveyors do "detective work", using their best judgement based on experience, education and the laws of the land to reconcile the past with the present and in establishing new property lines. They follow in the steps of the original surveyor to retrace, re-survey and restore the original corners, an important factor in the investigation of resolving boundaries.

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Dispute Resolution

Boundary disputes can be difficult. Flatirons has a Professional Land Surveyor who is also one of Colorado's most knowledgeable and respected Boundary Law attorneys, offering Expert Witness Services, Boundary Resolution Agreements, Correction Deeds, and Mediation Services.

LIDAR High-Definition Surveying

Flatirons, Inc. is one of the first firms within the state of Colorado to have the capability to provide this technology to you. Because of the limited availability of this service, Flatirons, Inc. is willing to travel as requested.

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Geographic Information Systems

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system for managing spatial data and associated attributes. In the strictest sense, it is a computer system capable of integrating, storing, editing, analyzing, and displaying geographically-referenced information. In a more generic sense, GIS is a "smart map" tool that allow users to create interactive queries (user-created searches), analyze the spatial information, and edit data.

Our GIS specialists are trained by ESRI Authorized Instructors to take projects from the field to the boardroom. With the capability to capture, build, develop, and support GIS, Flatirons, Inc. offers a custom solution to fit any size project. Using Real Time Kinematic and Mapping Grade GPS, Flatirons, Inc. captures field data with a personalized data dictionary and attribute library. We offer clients an opportunity to interact with our teams and tailor field procedures to match project requirements. By coordinating with client GIS departments, we provide efficient solutions to data management problems. Using the latest technology and experienced personnel, Flatirons, Inc. provides geospatial solutions for GIS data management.

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Commercial Construction Staking

A construction survey is used to establish or mark the desired position of building corners, roads, sidewalks, or utilities, that the engineer has designed. Particular attention is made to ensure the building does not encroach or overlap into or over the designated setbacks, easements, or property line. These points are then “staked out” onto the actual property to indicate the location of the improvement, generally flagged or painted lathe, stakes, or rebar are used.


Flatirons, Inc. has an experienced staff of Professional Engineers, Designers, Technicians, and Drafters to provide Civil Engineering services. We are a small company that focuses on our client's needs, but have the expertise of many of the large national engineering firms. Our engineers are licensed in multiple states, and have the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to create unique, high quality solutions for the most difficult projects. We have successfully completed projects in most jurisdictions along the Colorado Front Range and the Colorado Mountain resort communities. Flatirons works closely with our clients and governmental review agencies to guide projects though the often confusing permitting process and labyrinth of conflicting local, state and federal regulations. We specialize in sustainable Low Impact Development (LID), Floodplain Development, and Mountain Resort Development.

Following the floods that ravaged the northern Colorado Front Range in September 2013, Boulder County selected engineering and surveying firms to aid in the immediate post-flood recovery. Flatirons, Inc. and several large national engineering firms were selected. Flatirons, Inc. was the only small, local firm chosen due to our expertise in floodplain development and knowledge of local conditions. Flatirons, Inc. continues to work closely with Boulder County in the continuing recovery.

The engineering department at Flatirons, Inc., together with our surveying department, is able to offer a complete package of professional services to take projects from the conceptual phase to final build-out.

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Improvement Location Certificate

Flatirons, Inc. has the largest department dedicated to providing Improvement Location Certificates (ILC's) in the Front Range area. These certificates are typically used in order for mortgage and/or title companies to have some assurance that the improvements to a property are not encroaching into an easement or beyond the deed lines. Easements of public record are shown graphically, which may delineate areas of land that belong to the property owner, but in which other parties (such as utility companies) may have limited rights.

With over twenty years experience working with clients who provide mortgage-lending and real estate services, Flatirons, Inc. has developed a library of over 45,000 Improvement Location Certificates. This often allows us to complete an ILC more rapidly and less expensively than our competition. We will make every effort to provide you with a high level of customer service through being committed to meeting your needs and assuring that your deadlines are met.

Flood Services

Certificates & Letters

Certificates and letters are sometimes required to ensure compliance with community ordinances.

Drafting Services

Flatirons, Inc. understands that our drafting products are usually the most visible aspect of the services that we offer. For some of our clients, it is the only representation of all the work we have done on a particular project. Because of the importance of the drafted plat, we pay particular attention to the details that will make our final drafted product easy to understand and use, and well suited for its particular purpose.

We tailor our services to suit your specific needs, meeting any drawing conventions required together with any specifications unique to your particular project.

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