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Flatirons, Inc. understands that our drafting products are usually the most visible aspect of the services that we offer. For some of our clients, it is the only representation of all the work we have done on a particular project. Because of the importance of the drafted plat, we pay particular attention to the details that will make our final drafted product easy to understand and use, and well suited for its particular purpose.

We tailor our services to suit your specific needs, meeting any drawing conventions required together with any specifications unique to your particular project.

  • Parcel, Easement & Vacation Descriptions
    • A description of a parcel or easement by metes & bounds, lot, tract, or centerline
    • Parcel descriptions are used to describe the land within a deed that has not been subdivided
    • Easement descriptions are used as an attachment to an Easement Agreement document which creates an easement over a portion of land
    • Vacation descriptions are used as an attachment to a Vacation document for the transfer of unnecessary rights-of-way and other public areas to adjoining properties
    • An exhibit usually accompanies the description
    • Can be tailored to meet specific standards (i.e. Denver Water, Waste Water Metro, etc.)
    • More about parcel & easement descriptions...
  • Exhibits
    • Any exhibits that require drafting can usually be done to suit your individual needs

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need a parcel or easement description?
Are the boundaries of my property described somewhere?
How are my property's boundary lines described?
What is an easement and what is it doing on my property?
Will I need fieldwork in order to do a parcel or easement description?

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