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Flatirons, Inc. has an experienced staff of Professional Engineers, Designers, Technicians, and Drafters to provide Civil Engineering services. We are a small company that focuses on our client's needs, but have the expertise of many of the large national engineering firms. Our engineers are licensed in multiple states, and have the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to create unique, high quality solutions for the most difficult projects. We have successfully completed projects in most jurisdictions along the Colorado Front Range and the Colorado Mountain resort communities. Flatirons works closely with our clients and governmental review agencies to guide projects though the often confusing permitting process and labyrinth of conflicting local, state and federal regulations. We specialize in sustainable Low Impact Development (LID), Floodplain Development, and Mountain Resort Development.

Following the floods that ravaged the northern Colorado Front Range in September 2013, Boulder County selected engineering and surveying firms to aid in the immediate post-flood recovery. Flatirons, Inc. and several large national engineering firms were selected. Flatirons, Inc. was the only small, local firm chosen due to our expertise in floodplain development and knowledge of local conditions. Flatirons, Inc. continues to work closely with Boulder County in the continuing recovery.

The engineering department at Flatirons, Inc., together with our surveying department, is able to offer a complete package of professional services to take projects from the conceptual phase to final build-out.

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  • Civil Design
    • Design services for infrastructure particularly utilities, roads and access, and buildings
  • Community Development
    • Development of subdivisions from initial control surveys, plat development, infrastructure design, plot plans, As-built surveys, etc.
  • Project Management
    • From initial land acquisition to final build-out
    • Developer representation of projects before various governing authorities
    • Construction cost estimates
    • Preparation of exhibits to be used at public hearings and other meetings
    • Experienced in conducting neighborhood meetings for politically sensitive projects
    • Coordinate and obtain the services of engineers, landscape and improvement architects, soils engineers, and other professionals as needed
  • Construction Inspection
    • Inspection of construction projects
  • Public Process
    • Manage public process for approvals (i.e. sketch plans, concept plans, change of zone, preliminary plats, final plats, and planned unit developments (PUD))
    • Prepare submittal packets for approval from governing agencies
    • Conduct public hearings
    • Coordinate permits and improvements for the project
  • Site Investigation
    • Determine scope of services
    • Evaluation of site features, topography, irrigation and drainage
    • Obtain studies (environmental impact statements, soils, traffic, drainage, wetland, and wildlife studies)
    • Utility investigation and letters of service availability

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