LIDAR 3D High-Definition Surveying

Flatirons, Inc. is one of the first firms within the state of Colorado to have the capability to provide this technology to you. Because of the limited availability of this service, Flatirons, Inc. is willing to travel as requested.

  • Scans the site in a relatively short amount of time
  • "Dots per inch" can be adjusted to provide an even higher resolution survey
  • 3D walkthroughs can be taken of the site or structure
  • Workable data exports to AutoCAD, Microstation and ESRI GIS
  • Possible drawbacks are measuring actual ground elevations due to it being obscured by foliage

Frequently Asked Questions
What is LIDAR?
Who can use LIDAR?
Why use LIDAR?

Examples of LIDAR
I-25 South Bound
Walnut Stairs
Walnut Exterior
Steamboat 2
Denver Water Vault
Speer Blvd
Vehicle Accident (Rear)
Hut Inside

LIDAR Scan Taken of a Vehicle Involved in an Accident

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