Environmental Surveys

An environmental survey is typically performed on a site that has been adversely impacted by hazardous substances. The site is first assessed and a plan for reclamation or rehabilitation is prepared by an environmental engineer. There may be a need for some sort of remedial construction. Another type of environmental survey involves locating structures such as monitor wells, that aide in detecting, analyzing and monitoring groundwater pollution.

    Remedial Surveying
    • Examples of remedial construction surveying include structures to confine the spread of environmentally unwanted materials, consolidation and removal of contaminated soils, or covering of historical landfills for reclamation of the land
    • As-built survey of existing conditions before tear-down of an environmentally impacted site (ex. Rocky Flats)
    • Our personnel are trained in Hazardous Waste Site procedures
    • The conditions of the site may also dictate the wearing of personal protective equipment
    • We have a program in place to keep the OSHA 29CFR1910.120 certification of our personnel current
  • Monitor Well Locations
    • Monitoring wells, drilled into subsurface aquifers, can identify and track contaminates
    • To ensure accuracy, the wells must be placed on one horizontal and vertical datum
    • We map this system under the direction of an environmental engineer
  • Wetlands Delineation
    • Wetlands are first marked by an environmental engineer
    • These locations are then surveyed in by a field crew
    • They can be shown on their own exhibit or as part of another survey
    • See an example...

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